Coop, London Road, Brighton

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Coop, Brighton


Off-site construction approach, reduce programme
As a successful framework contractor, our client approached us to refit their store in London Road, Brighton.

Originally the project had been scoped and designed by another contractor, however due to our performance and unique approach to retail fit-out, we were asked to look at the approach and see if we could improve delivery. By utilising our offsite Cheetah Doors and Walls System to construct areas such as the back of house and the new sales floor refrigeration, shelving and large food areas we reduced the original programme by 2 weeks.


Collaborative planning, lean off-site construction
We approached this fast-track project as we do with all our retail projects with collaborative planning, lean construction processes and a clear understanding of our clients wants, needs and expectations for the project.

To ensure we delivered on our promises and achieved the brief, we had to ensure a fast mobilisation period and quick start on site. We quickly utilised the expertise of our experience fit-out teams, our supply chain partners and our CDS manufacturing facility to completely strip back the existing space, whilst manufacturing all the fixtures, fitting and back of house wall panels in our manufacturing facility. We delivered the back of house structure in just one day with our Cheetah off-site solution.

This approach dramatically reduced the programme, minimising labour on site without compromising on quality or safety.


Delivered 2 weeks early, enhanced trading revenue for our client
Through effective collaborative planning and lean construction techniques we delivered this project 2 weeks ahead of programme, which in turn enhanced our clients trading revenue.

Our approach resulted in less waste and best value for our client without compromising on quality, safety or performance.  This now forms the specification and approach to projects of this nature across our clients workstreams.